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Nick Maggard

Nick Maggard

Nick C. Maggard, known to his clients as “the transparent attorney,” believes that a person’s Estate is never just about how much money his client’s have, but what stories make up their lives. At Maggard Elder Law, you aren’t just a client, you are a friend, you have a story to tell. Nick’s approach to Elder Law and Estate Planning is about preserving your memories and your legacy as much as protecting your wealth.

He began his career as a special Prosecutor that handled guardianship proceedings for the Seniors in his community.  Before long, he realized that his education and passion could be put to better use by helping Seniors plan their futures and secure their homes and wealth from long-term care events and probate, as well as helping them to avoid the potentially overwhelming burden of public incompetency hearings and loss of independence.

Having experienced the loss of a loved one, Mr. Maggard knows how much work goes into Estate Planning and Elder Law needs and life care planning, and just how much value there is in having a complete plan in place. He does his best to provide each client with an Estate Plan that is uniquely their own and keeps the client’s interest as his number one priority.

When he is not in the office, Mr. Maggard enjoys various sports such as basketball and soccer. Most importantly, he values the time he spends with his beloved wife, Andrea Maggard, and their four beautiful children.

Mr. Maggard’s message is simple, “With the proper planning ahead of time, Seniors should no longer fear retirement or getting older, because at Maggard Elder Law, LLC your peace of mind is our priority.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Perry Schaible

Perry Schaible


Of Counsel

After spending my 20s and early 30s pursuing my dream of working as a television anchor/reporter, I decided to follow another long-time goal of practicing law. I felt law would give me another avenue to utilize my communication skills, while giving me the satisfaction of helping others. I originally intended to pursue a career in the more provocative side of law – intrigued by criminal law. However, I feel like I finally found my place when I started working in Elder Law. I really enjoy meeting, developing a relationship with, and creating a unique plan for each client. The goal is to give each person the plan that will make them walk out feeling a sense of peace.   

Perry Schaible grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio; a graduate of McAuley High School in College Hill. She went to University of South Carolina to pursue a degree in Communications, eventually transferring to Miami University where she graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science. Perry spent her college years as a sports intern at WLWT, Channel 5, in Cincinnati. She worked in newspaper, radio and television before attending the evening program at Chase College of Law. Perry finished Chase while raising her three girls, graduating in 2013. Prior to graduation, Perry spent a semester as an intern at the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office.

While attending law school, she also worked as an in-stadium personality for the Cincinnati Reds. Prior to joining Maggard Elder Law, Perry spent 10 years as an anchor/reporter at WKRC-TV, Channel 12 in Cincinnati.

Perry has worked with hundreds of clients to develop the best estate plan for their needs.